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Our Vision

To empower people to have the freedom to create an experiential life that's full of enjoyment, fun and happiness.

Our Mission

To provide our members with the best education, resources and tools to help them achieve their goals faster by creating a powerful communities.


Systematic Property Workshop

Systematic Property Workshop


CEO: Sunil Jaiswal

To understand how Sunil Jaiswal has built a community of successful leaders and investors around the world, you must first understand the depth of his passion for real estate and teaching.

Through the power of mentorship and business development, Sunil has spent the last 11 years spreading knowledge and achieving vast success across four continents - and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

His positivity and curiosity have resulted in a well-rounded talent base, with an identity that spans many cultures and countless professions. He is an entrepreneur, a father, a musician, an investor, a programmer, and a leader. But above all else, he aims for his professional legacy to label him as an an enabler.

Experience from decades of developing million-dollar portfolios and sharing his cutting-edge investment strategy has benefited his students by teaching them the hard skills they need to build income, and the soft skills that will inspire them to fulfill their goals. This develops them as individuals and allows them to follow their dreams on their own terms.

However, Sunil is often quick to attribute his success to his own mentors and putting effort into understanding other people. This is why his ultimate goal is not to tell you what you need to do, but how you need to change your habits.

Action is useless if you have the wrong beliefs. If you have the right beliefs, action is automatic.

This is the core of Sunil's philosophy. He has elevated this belief to assemble all of his resources under one roof: Unyqe.

Unyqe provides programs enable individuals to transform the way they think about capital, investing, and their overall behavior, its ultimate goal is to give you the skill set to grow and explore on your own.


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